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Collecting funds for a group gift or just getting a card signed is a frustrating experience.
Find out how Givetastic can take away the stress of group gifting.


Create a collection, card or both

Create a collection to receive contributions or set up an e-card for signatures with Givetastic. Simply enter your email to create an account with us.

  • Over 200 hand-designed cards to choose from

  • Customize cards with your own words and messages

  • Just create a group e-card or add a collection pot

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Invite everyone and anyone!

Share the giving link via email, text, socials and more! Invite everyone to contribute in a way that suits them.

  • Send a personalized invitation to your group, inviting them to contribute or sign.

  • Simple sharing links that can be shared via text, email and socials.

  • No limits on how many people can contribute or sign!

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Post a message, chip in or do both

Contributing to a collection or signing a card is easy with Givetastic. With help from our message customization tools and the ability to chip into a collection pot, contributing to a group gift has never been easier.

  • Make it personal by adding your favourite images, gifs, and emojis.

  • Need inspiration? Use our suggestion tool to craft the perfect message

  • Don’t worry if you only want to sign; contributing to a collection can be completely optional


Design the delivery

Givetastic offers up stress-free, scheduled delivery. We can send the card and gift for you, or you can choose to send it yourself!

  • Personalize the delivery by adding images, gifs and a heartfelt message on opening the card or collection.

  • Schedule the delivery so your card or collection and card arrives at the perfect time.

  • Track the delivery and opening of your gifts.


Let them choose the gifts they love.

Eliminate the stress of finding the perfect gift. Send your recipient an all-in-one gift card that they can redeem from one of our 704+ gifting partners.

  • We send the collection to the recipient so they can choose the brands they love.

  • Can’t decide? They can split the balance across multiple brands.

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Trusted by global brands

Join the ranks of numerous globally-recognized brands who place their unwavering faith in Givetastic to deliver our impressive range of group cards and collections for their work colleagues.

Frequently asked questions

New to Givetastic and got questions? Hopefully we can answer them in our FAQs! Or start up conversation with us using chat.

Pool money.
Group cards.
Send gifts.

Givetastic is the only platform that lets you do it all. Start gifting today!

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