Online collection for a leaving gift

Say goodbye to passing envelopes around the office or sharing your bank details. With Givetastic you get a central, up-to-date record of contributions, so no more chasing co-workers down for money.

Create leaving collection

We've made leaving collections
a piece of cake 🍰


Customise your collection

Personalising your collection is a breeze with our speedy setup wizard.

Share & contribute

Share with your co-workers

Invite co-workers via email, Slack, Teams or WhatsApp. No account registration necessary!

Spend, withdraw or split

Spend the collection

Send a multi retailer gift card, withdraw the funds, or do both! You’re in complete control of the funds.

How are co-workers using Givetastic?

Make light work of laborious workplace collections using Givetastic.

Select from 100s of ready-to-go group cards for every occasion. Workplace collections have never been simpler.

Work leaving collections

Bid them a fond farewell with a group collection and leaving card full of happy memories.

Maternity, paternity & new baby

All new mums and dads deserve a treat! Collect funds to buy them a maternity or paternity gift to remember.

Retirement collections

Salute their huge accomplishment by chipping in and leaving messages of appreciation.


Everything you need for a workplace collection

Create a collection in under 2 minutes with our setup wizard. Easily tweak it later – editing's a cakewalk!

Free personalised group cards

Select from over 200 group cards covering all the most popular occasions. Then download the card for safe keeping.

Personalise the invitation

Save time by creating a single invitation for all your group chats and emails. Explain to everyone in the group why you've created a collection. Then, simply share it.

Set a deadline

Adjust the deadline or close the collection early. All done from your dashboard.

Make contributions optional

Not everyone has to make a cash contribution. Feel free to make contributing to the collection optional. They can still leave a message.


Farewell to chasing co-workers for money

Collecting money from friends and co-workers is never easy! With Givetastic, chipping-in has never been so effortless.

Invitation system

Invite your co-workers and friends to contribute with just one tap. Great for weddings and big groups.

Friendly sharable URL

Givetastic was built with remote team members in mind. Share your collection with your off-site colleagues whatever time zone they are in.

Keep track of payments

With us at your side, you’ll be able to track who has paid and who hasn't. Saving you having those awkward conversations.


A fun, fast & easy way to collect contributions

Bid farewell to a friend in a manner that suits you best using our intuitive messaging tools.

Message, chip in or both

Allow everyone to contribute in their own way. Donating is voluntary by default; you can choose to update your collection to make it mandatory if you wish.

Gifs, emojis & video messages

Let contributors express themselves in the content format that works for them.  ❤️ 🎥 🖼️ 📷

Supports payments worldwide

No matter where you're globe-trotting, contributing to a collection is simple. No need for an account – pay using Visa or Mastercard.

Secure card payments

We use the highest levels of authentication on payments. We ensure that your card details are safe and never saved.

Spend, withdraw or split

Send, spend or withdraw. You're in control

Freedom to manage, spend and withdraw your collection however it suits you. Options galore, at your service!

Send a multi retailer gift card

Choosing the perfect gift can be a bit of a puzzle. So send them the joy of choice! Our multi-retailer gift card covers up to 80 of the hottest brands, so you can wave goodbye to stress and welcome in the smiles!

Buy a gift from the store

Got a favourite brand in mind? Convert the collection balance into the recipients favourite brand and deliver instantly or at your scheduled time.

Withdraw the funds

Looking to spend the money elsewhere? We got you covered! Request a bank transfer and we will get the money to you within 2 working days.


Make your gift delivery extra special

Share the giving link via email or on socials to invite everyone to contribute. Everyone can contribute in a way that suits them!

Schedule the delivery

Pick the ideal time for your collection's arrival by scheduling the delivery. Keep an eye on the delivery tracking, and follow the excitement all the way to the opening.

Personalise the opening

Personalise the delivery by adding images, gifs and a heartfelt message on opening the card or collection. Fully customisable to suit the cause or occasion.

Let them send thanks

Once the gifts and greetings have made their way to the lucky recipient, they can hit the "thank you" button and send everyone who contributed a shower of gratitude.

Givetastic vs The old way

On the fence? Fear not! Checkout our head-on-head comparison: Givetastic vs. the classic office collection. It's like a battle of the gift titans!

The old way

Privacy of bank details

Bank details never shared

Required for contributing

Free group card

Select from over 200 cards

Provide your own greetings card estimated at £2.99

Rich messaging features

Gifs, videos, images & more

Pens, pencils and postage

Sharing options

Share campaign link and your done

Send group email, response to messages, re-send. Rinse and repeat

Unlimited messages

Unlimited messages

Limited to card size

Accept card payments

Great for teams with remote workers

Bank transfer & cash only

100% digital

Environmentally-friendly free download

More than 33 million trees are cut down for greetings card each year!

Payment tracking

Difficult with big groups

Keeping funds safe

Banking level security

Your responsibility to safeguard

Purchase gift voucher(s)

Attach multiple gift vouchers to the card and send together.

Purchase and send separately

Withdraw funds

4.5% fee

No fees

Setup and management

Less than 10 minutes

  • Complete setup wizard & share
  • Spend or withdraw funds
  • Send card & digital gifts online

Up to 4 hours

  • Buy a greetings card
  • Share card around office
  • Awkwardly chase co-workers and friends for money
  • Keep track of funds
  • Deliver gifts & card to recipient

Total cost


10 minutes or less


Up to 4 hours

Frequently asked questions

New to Givetastic and got questions? Hopefully we can answer them in our FAQs! Or start up conversation with us using chat.

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