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Group card

For groups who want a simple, 100% digital way to collect and send messages to a friend or colleague.


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Group card features include:

  • 200+ Card designs to choose from

  • Card customization and personalization

  • Customize group invitation

  • Various invite sharing tools

  • Unlimited messages

  • Add personal images, gifs or emojis

  • Customizable delivery, including conffetti & more

  • Admin dashboard

  • Schedule and track delivery

  • Recieve thank yous from recipient

  • Download card and messages

  • Unsplashed integration

  • Free customer support

  • Create and send internationally

  • Close early/extend date

Group card and collection

For groups who want to send messages and contribute towards a collection for a gift.


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Every group card feature plus...

  • Create a collection pot and recieve contributions

  • Spend pot on our gifting partners

  • Split pot across one or more of 704+ retailers

  • Use gift card instantly

  • Let the recipient choose a retailer they love

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