Collect money for a wedding gift

The 100% digital way to collect money for group gifts and send personalized group greeting cards seamlessly.

How it works


Create card & collection

Create a collection pot or just go for a card. With over 200 designs, we have something to suit every occasion.


Share with your peeps

Invite as many friends, family, and colleagues as you want to sign the card or contribute to your collection.


Let them choose gifts they love

Send the recipient a multi-retailer gift voucher covering 704+ brands.

Cards they'll love

With more than 200 cards to choose from you will easily find the prefect card for the special upcoming occasion.

View all cards


All in one group card and collections

We've teamed up with some of our favorite brands to bring you this thoughtfully curated range of gifts. Each one arrives hand-picked by us and is delivered with our signature care.

Card personalization

Personalize the card with your own messages, inside and out.

Attach a collection pot.

Add a gift collection to your card and collect funds for a gift card.

Unlimited signatures

Invite an unlimited number of friends, family and colleagues to sign your card.

Images, gifs and emojis

Add personal images, funny gifs or your favorite emojis to your card.


Your recipient can download the card and keep your messages forever.

Invitation personalization

Personalize your invitation for loved ones to contribute to your card or collection.

Track invitations

Keep an eye on who's opening your invite and contributing to your collection or signing a message.

Endless sharing

We have equipped each card and collection with multiple sharing options so you can invite everyone.

Message inspiration

Struggling with what to write in your card? Our handy message suggestion tool is run by our team of experts and always knows exactly what to say, no matter the occasion.

Message customization

When words aren’t enough, we have a nifty card customization tool for you to use. Add your favourtie images, popular gifs or iconic emojis to help show how you feel.

Optional contributions

Contributing to a group collection is completely optional. Share the payment link with friends and colleagues, or simply launch a group card and let friends write messages of support.

Personalize the presentation

Fully customize your card or collection's delivery! In a few clicks you can include images, gifs, additional messages and even confetti!

Schedule delivery

Schedule your card or collection to be delivered on a specific date or set time.

Track delivery and opening

Track the delivery of your card or collection, and keep an eye on when they've opened it.

They choose the brands they love

Don't stress over the perfect gift! Send the funds directly to the recipient and let them choose from the brands they love.

Split the balance between retailers

Can't decide? Split up your collection between more than one retailer.

Over 704 retailers to choose from

We have teamed up with 704+ gifting partners to let your recipient spend their funds on the brands they love.


Over 704 partners to choose from

We've teamed up with some of our all time favourite brands to bring you the gift of choice. With over 704 carefully selected gifting partners, you or the recipient can spend the collected funds on a gift they'll love!

Frequently asked questions

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